Teenager – Entitled (REC 001)
Marc Bolan asked, “Whatever happened to the teenage dream?” Entitled is Teenager’s attempt to answer this question. This 17-song debut documents Teenager at their rawest and most sincere moments. Matt Mumau writes, “Teenager prove they have a taste for heady, lo-fi recordings much like contemporaries Belle & Sebastian and the Arctic Monkeys.” Order CD (includes digital download) • Download from iTunes


Teenager – All Kids Free (REC 002)
All Kids Free continued to champion youth’s resilience in the face of a cruel world.  Entitled’s ecstatic trajectory is tempered with a more eclectic quality. Rock anthems are paired with shoegazey reflections. All Kids Free showcases Teenager at their technical best. Order CD  (includes digital download) • Download from iTunes


Westward Wind

John Reilly – Westward Wind (REC 003)
Westward Wind is the country record John wanted to make before he passed away. He gave me a list of songs he wanted mixed and mastered for release. Westward Wind was his most urgent project. These songs capture John’s life and spirit, and serves as a parting message for us. For what music is worth, this recording is a will and testament to John’s love and the power that lies within. Order CD  (includes digital download) • Download from iTunes

time_timeJohn Reilly – Time, Time (REC 004)
Time, Time is eleven songs John Reilly wanted to release that spanned from 1975 to 2004. While listening to John’s music, hear the scope and depth he covered throughout his career. Through each genre, John was an artist that maintained an undeniable integrity. This is why so many people loved John’s music and were devoted fans. With the posthumous release of Time, Time we are forever blessed with the greatness of his music. Order CD (includes digital download)  • Download in iTunes

rob_lee_coverRob Lee – S/T (REC 005)
Rob Lee’s self titled debut EP is a collection of songs that emerged from the introspection for a more intimate atmosphere. At times Rob Lee explores the quiet, closed thoughts with chord structures lifted from jazz guitar. “Breadbasket” is the most up tempo song, venturing timidly back into the daylight before being pulled even deeper into inner space by Rob Lee’s tribute to Joseph Campbell. Order CD (includes digital download) • Download in iTunes

A Cast of ThousandsA Cast of Thousands – S/T (REC 006)
A Cast of Thousands is Beth Beer, Terry Cuddy (formerly of Teenager) and Jim Andrews (formerly of the John Reilly Band). In October 2010, they released their 14 song self-titled debut. The album combines 90s indie rock with alt-country. Joe Wawrzyniak from JerseyBeat stated the record “hits the spot thanks to a certain winningly rough’n’ready sonic immediacy.”
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Aqua FurA Cast of Thousands –
Aqua Fur 
(REC 007)
Aqua Fur has a denser sound than their debut. They distilled the energy of their live shows by improvising and experimenting in the studio. Surprisingly Aqua Fur delivers more darker drones and varied sonic tones than its predecessor. Such monochord marathons were praised by Jack Rabid in a review in the Big Takeover Issue #70.
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EudaimoniaRob Lee – Eudaimonia (REC 008)
Eudaimonia combines the notion of human flourishing and its relationship to a righteous defiance of social expectation. This short album takes a step away from the mellow introversion of Rob Lee’s previous self titled EP and turns outward to face the world. In songs like “Good Night” and “My whole life” Rob reasserts his own artistic conviction in the face of previous self doubt. Order CD (includes digital download)