Records Records started when the band Teenager wanted to have some kind of mark or label on its first release Entitled. “We thought the name Record Records was a call to action, to make some thing, to some make document of one’s labor, to record, RECORD!” said founder Terry Cuddy.  Since Teenager was born out of the 1990s indie rock D-I-Y ethos the label name Record Records seemed appropriate. As the label began to grow adding John Reilly and Rob Lee to the roster, it became less about style and more about identifying a community that cultivated a tremendous original music scene that burgeoned in Auburn, New York in the 1990s. This scene happened around a local tavern called Spirits, which served as the fertile underground for divergent talents – young, old, hippie, punk, country, no wave, metal, jazz and folk. It all happened there and then.  Record Records encapsulates the ethos of that time with musicians that were there and continued to make remarkable and relevant music.